Residential Design

Being the best architect in Lucknow, Sk Design And construction offers innovative and creative architectural designs and services to clients in the city and surrounding areas. Our architects typically have a wealth of experience and expertise in the field, as well as a deep understanding of local building codes and regulations.

The services offered by the SK Design and Construction may include residential and commercial building design, landscape design, interior design, project management, and consultancy services. Our architects use their creative skills and knowledge to develop unique and functional designs that meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients. We have expertise in sustainable and eco-friendly building practices, incorporating elements such as green roofs, rainwater harvesting, and energy-efficient lighting and heating systems.

Overall, the best architect in Lucknow plays an essential role in shaping the city's landscape, providing high-quality and innovative design solutions that meet the needs of clients while also contributing to the overall aesthetic and functional value of the built environment.

Commercial Design

Commercial interior design is an exciting field. If you decide to specialize in commercial interior design, you would be planning and designing business places- offices, small local businesses, restaurants, stores.

Commercial interior engineering refers to the development of architectural design principles and standards for areas open to the public. Some commercial spaces include businesses, restaurants, stores, hotels and schools. If you decide to specialize in commercial interior design engineering you will be planning and designing places businesses would occupy such as offices, small local businesses, restaurants, stores, etc.

Commercial interior design functions through aesthetics and shape, rather than from the perspective of how it is constructed. This area of design work would be perfect for those interested in products, art, and public places like that. There are many opportunities you can take advantage of with commercial interior design because it applies to every store. Whether you're making an office, a store, a restaurant, or other business place attractive to look at, this particular type of commercial interior design work makes sure that the customer has a positive perception while they're there and when they leave too!


Hotel Design

Hotels are a peculiar habitat where corporate concepts and individualism meet. A fusion of two cultures that must be balanced to give the hotel guest a unique experience to remember each time they stay at the property. The design team strives to offer cutting-edge product, while the focus is on creating warm and effective spaces that provide freshness, comfort and relaxation.

Hotels are commercial establishments that provide short term accommodation, meals and other services for travellers and tourists. Without such provision of rooms for visitors, tourism would not be possible because people who need accommodation during travel would not have a place to stay. Hotels end up contributing in large percentages towards economies through the taxes they pay.

Hospital & School Building Design

Hospitals are one of the most complex building types. Each hospital is a combination of wide ranging facilities and units including diagnostic and treatment units, hospitality units and bed related units. Key regulations which govern hospital design include fire protection regulations, building codes, seismic and security regulations. Hospital design is made up of mechanical systems such as boilers, ventilation and electrical services. Hospitals also contain sophisticated electronics such as telephones, security equipment like cameras and patient monitoring devices as well as life support technologies such as operating theaters. All these elements add up to create an extremely complicated set of needs that need to be considered before any work on the design can begin.


Industrial Design

The definition of what an industrial design is can be difficult to pin down. The term 'industrial design' refers to the overall appearance of a product, including its physical structure, color and materials that are used in designing it. Industrial designs can also include covers, labels, packaging and other forms of decoration.

In industrial design, human factors, aesthetics and engineering inform decisions. Industrial designers plan, design, develop and document non-tangible projects and are also responsible for visual elements of the interface (graphic symbols/logos) or user experience (user interfaces).