Turnkey Projects


We, in SK Design, specialize in turnkey assignments and interior solutions in the most advanced and sophisticated way. Turnkey services refer to a single-window solution for our clients. We undertake a project from the planning stage to its final stage that is ready for immediate use. We undertake the work of turnkey construction services in which everything regarding the construction and architectural services is provided by the company. In this regard, a construction contract is signed showing the detail of brands and specifications to be used by the company, and the price is fixed at the time of the contract.

Turnkey Projects are commonly used in construction industries and it used for complex projects such as the construction of a new building where the client may not have the expertise or materials to manage projects themselves. In Turnkey projects, Our company takes responsibility for the entire project from start to finish. Also, we design, build and deliver completed turnkey projects that are ready to use without any additional work required from the client.

Being a Reputed and establish Turnkey project contractor in Lucknow, We Sk Design takes all the accountability for the turnkey project including design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, testing and commissioning. This allows our beloved customers to focus on their primary business or jobs and eliminates the need for them to coordinate multiple contractors and vendors. In Turnkey Projects, we assume all the risk and responsibility for the project and we provide a completed project that meets clients' requirements and specifications.


  • The budget is pre-known.
  • Low risk for the client.
  • Tension-free work.
  • Technical viability.
  • Single-handed approach.
  • Durable quality material.
  • Strong implementation.
  • The excellent reality of a dream project.
  • Time-bound program.
  • Vastu Based professional approach.